100% Organic Hawaiian Coffee
100% Organic Hawaiian Coffee
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Thanksgiving Desserts & Aloha Hawaiian Organic Coffee

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When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner whether you are hosting a get together or just enjoying with your immediate family. It’s a time to be thankful and enjoy the blessings you have. It’s not only about the food but the cherished after dinner dessert family time. Wine is for dinner and Coffee is for desserts. 

Ka’u Vibes Coffee is a perfect drink to have on hand and feel some Aloha spirit enter your home. We not only hand pick each coffee bean but we give each tree Thanks when we do. 

So, just like we all are thankful for the blessed family we have and time we have together. It’s time to relax and enjoy a cup of Aloha with your loved ones, after a long day of meal prepping, eating and the occasional family table drama. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Ohana from our Ohana - Ka’u Vibes.