100% Organic Hawaiian Coffee
100% Organic Hawaiian Coffee
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About Us

Welcome to Ka'u Vibes Coffee!

We are a family owned small business in the region of Ka'u located on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our passion for coffee means that we provide our customers with nothing but the highest quality of products, that are guaranteed to spread the spirit of Aloha through delicious cups of coffee!

Kaʻū is the southernmost district of Hawaii County, Hawaii. Kaʻū was one of the six original districts of ancient Hawaii on the island, known as moku.

Our coffee farm is just over 1,600 feet in elevation which provides a perfect climate to grow healthy and beautiful Hawaiian coffee.

All of our coffee is hand picked, hand washed, and then processed at a local coffee mill here on the island. After processing, our beans are then roasted at various levels to ensure the rich flavors of our coffee are present in every bag!